Why Do We Need Religion?

Why we need religion? Which religion? Religion means to believe. In here we invite you to believe in the Only One, The One who created you and can give you happiness and success in this life and for your soul after death. There are too many religions. There is too many understanding. Each one claim they are the one. But we are here to ask you to seek the truth, to seek your own soul. Call the Creator. Go to the beach. Go to the mountain. Go to the jungle. Go anywhere. Raise your hand to the sky and call Him. “I need you. Guide me, my Creator. Guide me to you. Light my heart to your way. Humble me to you. I need you. I need your guidance.” We are now in journey of seeking guidance. This knowledge we share with you to help you to seek the true path. But only it can work and help you if you humble yourself and you are in state of seeking, meaning you believe you need guidance, you need food of the soul, you need to know where you will go after death as the way you seek knowledge of healthy living in this life. We share with you the knowledge which a lot of people don’t even think about it, which is the happiness of the journey of the soul after death. At this time you have to be a seeker. You have to desire and want to know the journey of the soul after death and how you can achieve the success, happiness of your soul and the life after death, and the transition between this life and life after death. Once you are really interested and value this issue, I promise you the knowledge we share with you will lead you to the happiness for infinity. The Only One who can give it to you is the Creator, because after death no money, no material mean in this life can help you or go with you in your second journey. In fact all of us know that our wealth or whatever we own or we think we own cannot benefit us once we die. For example, how many elder people who are extremely sick are suffering for years until they die and all this time their own wealth cannot help them out? “Big Fact.” There are many other examples. Look around your life, people around you and you will discover where is your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, what they take with them is nothing.

This is the call to humble yourself to the Power of the Almighty One and to wake up from the illusion and the high circle of life. However old you are, however healthy you are, soon or later, you will be elder and you will die and unseen journey will start. This is why we invite you to the knowledge to the Book, to the Map. If you follow it, it will lead you to the happiness and tranquility. The Almighty is one. His book should be one. His message should be one to mankind. No discrimination, no color, no status, nothing except the desire and the need of his guidance. And when we say his guidance, we do not mean He is a male. But the Creator, the Almighty One is not a male, not a female. There is nothing similar to Him. He is the Creator, we are the creation. He has no need of anyone of us, but all mankind and creation is in need of Him. He knows you. He sees you. He knows what is good for you and what can harm you. If you submit to Him, He will make it easy for you and show you the way to get to the ultimate happiness, to Heaven, to Paradise, for happiness infinity.

And again let me remind you. This talk is for those who humble themselves sincerely and really want the happiness of this life and after life.

Now we need the knowledge, His knowledge, His wisdom, to tell us how to reach and gain His mercy and pleasure. This is why the Almighty Creator sent messengers and prophets with books to guide us to show us the way. For power, ego, arrogance, and belongings human being refuse and they become rebellious and they finished. King after king, emperor after emperor, palaces and all is gone. This is the truth. By this way we need faith, we need the way of life to lead us physically and spiritually, body and soul to be united only to gain the guidance, the light, and wisdom of Almighty. And this is what it means religion. We are inviting you to the last call before the Day of Judgment, before the End of Time, individual, by getting old or sick and die, or collective as mankind. We see how right now human being madness after material life and what is due to them. It destroys them, lonely, unhappy, even committing suicide, because they cannot take it anymore.

I am calling you to the tranquility, to the peace within the pleasure and happiness infinity. This is the call to the Only One, to the Almighty Creator. This is the call to Islam, the submission and surrender to the Will of the Almighty.