2018 Ifthar Party ICCS

During Ramadan, every Sunday Islamic Cultural Centre of Sendai (ICCS) hold International Ifthar Party in Kitayama Shimin Center. This year we organize four (4) party that the Muslim Community from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia-Africa would organize the first, second, third and fourth respectively. The first and second party was held in 20th and 27th May 2018 and the third and fourth party will be held in 3rd and 10th June 2018.

In every party, the organizer community provides approximately 300 portions including the main dish, dessert, and another various food and fruit. Every community would provide their special food from their countries. For the first party, Indonesian community served the Indonesian Chicken Curry called “Gulai Ayam” which is a traditional Indonesian food containing chicken cooked in a spicy, yellowish, rich, curry-like sauce. While, in the second party, our brothers from Pakistan prepared a special goat curry with Naan instead of Rice. Naan is the flatbread that usually is stuffed with a minced meat mixture as well. Every Brother on Muslim enjoys every Ifthar Party. They always wait for experiencing the food taste from different countries.

Besides Ifthar Party every Sunday, ICCS also provides Daily Ifthar and Suhuur in the Mosque (Masjid). There is also a schedule by which Muslim Community of every country will prepare the food. Every day we provide around 20-30 portions for Ifthar and 10 portions for Suhuur by various menu and dessert. There are always brothers coming routinely and take the Ifthar and Suhuur together.

Being able to experience Ramadan in Sendai is a mercy from Allah for all of the brother in Muslim. Every Ramadan there are several activities facilitating Muslim in Sendai to keep a worship. We together support each other, by providing various kind of facilitation to keep being in the observance in the Muslim way. May Allah always guide us to the right path.