Our brother became a Muslim!

” There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. ” QS Al Baqarah -256


Alhamdulillahi bi ni’mati tatimusshalihat.

Today (2/24/2018), Allah Ta’ala still spreads His best bounties and favors for us. One of His big favors, we witnessed the conversion to Islam of our Japanese brother, named Muhammad Hide Ali (27 years old).

Brother Hide got to know Islam and started to read Quran in Japanese translation. He also found out about Islam by interviewing some Muslim brothers in Sendai including our ICCS president, Brother Muhammad Noburu Sato. After deeply contemplating, Brother Hide consolidated his heart to embrace Islam on his own without any compulsion. May Allah Ta’ala accepts his testimony, protects him and guides him in his life until the end of his time. May Allah Ta’ala strengthens our iman and gathers us in His paradise in the hereafter. Amiin.