Do We Need Creator?

Does Creator exist? How do we know that He exist?

I am a human being. I am a creation. I am created. I have body and soul. My body needs food, rest, water, medication, protection, and clothing. Why? Because all of these are necessary to comfort my body from heat, sun, rain, cold, snow. Some people need sweet, others need pickles, or different kind of food. These are just an example of why we need to survive and to take care of our body to keep it in good shape and to hope to maintain it so that we can continue our life.

Now what about our soul? It needs food, caring, calmness, tranquility, peace, love, harmony, security, and insurance. All of these soul needs. According to some, there is no life after death. According to others, soul never dies. After we die our soul will continue going to unseen journey. Which one should we believe? Are we in need of communication? Are we in need of guidance? Are we seeking and searching?

Sometimes we are OK, sometimes we are sad. Sometimes we are healthy, sometimes we can get sick. There are a lot of uncertainty in our life. Our future is hidden. Yesterday we were young, today we are old, tomorrow we are dead. Nobody live forever. It is a fact. Nobody can be healthy forever. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. For all these questions we need some knowledge to support us in our journey of this life and to enable us to handle

situations without going crazy, without committing suiside, without hurting ourselves or others.

Now if you share with me, you are interested to the journey of known instead of unknown, the journey of certainty instead of doubt, from darkness to light.

Raise your hand to sky, and say “Oh the Creator! The One who created the sky and the earth, what we see and what we do not see, what we know and what we do not know. Please guide us. Allow us to see. Allow us to see the truth. Guide us to the happiness. Guide us to the food of the soul. Be with us. We need wisdom, vision, light, knowledge to enable us to handle the life in a comfort way and to know how we can act or react, how to deal with all kinds of different situations, how to be humble, and realize we need You. We need Your support and help. We are so weak, sometimes we are so hopeless. We need a sense of direction. Please guide us, show us the way.”

If you are young, you need to be ready when you get old. If you are old, you have short time before leave this life in comfort, meaning you leave this life with the mercy and communication with the Creator. He deserves to be acknowledged and to be thanked for all His bounty—air, water, food, and the existence. Today we are alive, tomorrow we are dead. Life can be full of beautiful meaning instead of just running after material life. What will happen if we ignore our soul? What will happen if we ignore what soul means? Soul need to communicate and to be joined with the One who created it. He is the One who gives and takes, and most of the time we cannot comprehend. And when we cannot comprehend, we cannot handle it. And when we cannot handle it, we get uptight, sad, angry, crazy, and you have no patience.

If you are with me and you want seek your happiness, your tranquility, your ability to be in this life in a harmonious way.

Come with me to the knowledge, the most important knowledge, to the One who can lead you to all what you are looking for and more, to the ultimate happiness, to come above any obstacle of calamity or hardship or anything you do not desire, or you do not like, and there are plenty of those in life.

If you are interested and consider yourself a thinker, of a seeker, and looking and searching for all you heard from me, which is the happiness, success, tranquility, peace, love, security, insurance, light and wisdom, guidance and knowledge to help you to achieve all of them. Please request the second booklet or contact the one who distributed it or go And keep listening and call the Creator, the Allmighty for guidance. Keep in touch. Keep calling Him. “Oh the One who created me, please show me what the purpose of my living is, and why I am here, and what will happen to me after death. Please guide me, show me your light…..”