Calling to the Creator the Almighty

He is the Creator, He is the King, meaning He is the Owner, He is the Controller. He owns giving and taking, ease and difficulty. He gives and takes in a time He wants in a way He wants, in a wisdom and with the wisdom, beyond our imagination, we cannot comprehend. He is the Owner of the Creation. He is the Owner of everything surrounding creation. Once we know who He is, the Almighty, the Only One, we will discover all of us is creation in desperate need of the Creator. He is Rich, the Owner of Richness, the Owner of the Treasure of everything, and all mankind and creation is so desperate of the Creator, the Rich One, the Owner of Richness.

Let’s stop for a moment and think because what I am saying if you own a house or building or even a bank, if you are a multi-millionaire or a multi-billionaire, if you are so young, so pretty or handsome, if you are so strong, if you are so healthy, if you own all the treasure you like, if you are so arrogant and blind, and you think you own or you are the owner of all of the above, in any given moment in your life, I can prove it to you in a few moment you are wrong and you misunderstand life. How many rich is so ill, so sick, or they lost their business, or a job, or a title, or they are unhappy inside, and keep taking drugs just to calm down. We forget the nature of reality of the law of the Almighty One, the One nobody can escape, you like or you don’t, you believe of you don’t believe, everything is moving and nothing is forever. And the ownership of anything, it is just for a small period of time. And even this time we don’t know. How many people have accident? Or illness or chronic deseases, or they loose ability of sights, or loose limbs, or they lost the love ones, can be a girl, a woman, a man, a child, property, farm, money, status, belongings, something treasure, car, jewelry, whatever. How many beautiful people lost their beauty? What about aging? Nobody can be young forever. Whatever how many plastic surgery you do, it will never end up with your happiness. What I mean of all this everything we think we own we do not own. And one time or another, we will wake up and we realized when I lose one of the above or even I have all of the above, I will realize they will not give me happiness I am looking for. Because all material happiness is very limited, for example, food. How much it take to enjoy a meal, but we cannot eat forever, or a piece of music, or traveling, or sightseeing, or sleeping, or intercourse, we will discover all this will lead us to small very limited pleasure. Even what they call themselves prince or princess, king or queen. How many people live in palaces with luxury bedrooms, I will not say “a bedroom”, but “bedrooms”, and many of them , but they cannot go to sleep, or they cannot have happiness.

By this way, I want you to come with me in a true journey. The truth of life is nothing we own forever. And even everything we own or we do not own, will not lead us to happiness, tranquility, security, peace. All this when a mankind reach or the destiny ordained on him which is unknown, unpredictable, nobody know it. Because we do not own the future, we do not own the knowledge of the future. By this way let’s be real, not a dreamer, not a philosopher, not to predict but be real. Weather is real. Hot and cold, winter and summer, sun and rain, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, aging. Today you are alive, tomorrow you are dead, maybe tonight, maybe today, maybe now. It has nothing to do with health and sickness. All you have to do is for the news or go to a cemetery. You find out everyday people die, young and old, healthy and sick, call themselves rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. You have or you don’t have, whatever your status is, this is real. Getting old is real. Sickness is real. Even internal loneliness is real. Accident is real. Deseases is real. And all of the above you never know when and how . Now let’s come together. Let me take you to the real journey of your happiness, tranquility, peace, and security. You don’t have to buy life insurance, but I will take you to the journey of the truth. I just want to help you to open your eyes, your heart, and realize that everything is running by the Will of the Creator, the Owner of everything. And this is why all of us as human being, we go in our life through a roller coaster, up and down, give and take, healthy and unhealthy, we live and we die, we used to be young and we will get old. By this way I am summarizing my word again. A bite of mosquito carrying a virus can change my whole entire plan. How many time we heard about heart attack, clot in a brain, stroke, or sudden death? Wake up, wake up, wake up! All what I am talking about is real. Me and you not exempt. Meaning, All of us as human being, we are going through it. Now is a big question mark. Before I give you the question, let me share with you a piece of knowledge. Anything unknown, we don’t like, it scares us. It makes us in a state of unease. If you go to a dark hole or room you are not sure you are scared. If you drive a road and all of sudden you don’t see a sign if you don’t see a sign you feel lost , you fear, and you have unease, uncertainty. You feel weak. If you are in a boat, the engine stops, or the storm coming, you wish to escape. If you take a trip and you don’t have the direction, and you don’t have a map, you feel lost and you feel weak. If you go to the mall but huge one, and if you forget where is your car, or if go to the mall and you don’t plan and write down which entrance you used, how you feel? Apply these examples to everything in life. You will discover is a principle in life anything unknown it make you in a state unease, uncertain, no security, and now you are weak, you are so poor, and you seek and you desperate for knowledge, for the map, for the flush light, for a candle, for somebody to help you, to somebody to support you. By this way we like it or we don’t, we feel powerful or no, we feel rich or no, we feel young or no, we need the map. We need the flush light, we need a candle, we need the knowledge of the unseen., unknown, we need support and power and knowledge and light and wisdom one time or another in our life. All what I am talking about will lead you to the known. Once we know, the fear is gone, the uncertainty is gone. And now let’s face reality. Let’s humble ourselves and try to discover. The answer is very simple. I have to get the map, I have to humble myself and ask, and I have to come to the realization who is the Owner of all these? Who is the Controller? Who is the One can help in a time of lost, weakness, deseases, illness, loneliness, old, and death? Now I can give you the big question. In this life we have body and soul. And a lot of questions around us, of the things we know and we don’t know. And now the big question. Who is the Owner of the all above, the One controls,the One who can help me in a time nobody can, is only One, the Almighty, the Creator, the King, the Owner of Dominion. Let’s discover the truth, the real truth. How big we are, how fragile we are, how poor we are in a broad meaning. And let’s try to reach and seek the guidance, the map, the light, the wisdom, the insurance, the security, the happiness, with the only One can supply, the Owner of the treasure of everything, the known and the unknown the seen and unseen, past and present and future. Humble yourself. Wake up and call with me “Oh,the Creator, the King, the Owner, the Rich, the Owner of Richness, the Light. Guide me to know you. I am poor, and You are Rich. I am weak and You are Strong. I am in a darkness and I need Your Light. I am stray and I need Your Guidance. I am lost and I need Your map. I am ill and I need Your cure. I need You. Please I beg You. I am so poor. I need You. I am blind and I need Your vision. I am so weak and I need strength. Please help me out to seek your light, the happiness of this life and a moment of death, and after death , the happiness of infinity, the happiness of my body and my soul.”

Come with me to the journey of faith, journey of the truth, journey of reality, the most serious and the most important and the most needed and the most high value journey in my life. It will not cost you too much. I don’t need money. I don’t need you to give me anything. I need you to humble yourself and realize how weak we are human being and how poor we are human being. Let me give you a wake up call. How many earthquake takes a second? How many volcano? Hw many tsunami? Who is caousing them? What is the message? What is the wisdom behind it? Please I beg you the only way to come with me in the journey to look at yourself, look at the creation and humble yourself and say “Oh the Almighty One, please don’t make me arrogant. Make me humble to you. I need You now. I need you tomorrow. I need You when I get old. I need you when I get ill. I need you in a moment of death. I need you after death.”

If you feel you are ready to come with me, please go to internet and type and click “speak Japanese” and listen to some of these young Japanese women.